Interview Tips: From the Interns

As an intern, we are the first person you see in the lobby, and we are the last person you say bye to as you walk out. We have seen dozens of interviewees, and have come up with a list on how to land the job before you even interview.

Do not be late


  • Nothing is worse than being late to an interview. When you are a couple minutes late it not only sets you behind, but the rest of the people who are in line to interview. As a result everyone’s schedule gets all out of whack. It is best to be on time or give us a courtesy call in case you will be a couple minutes late so we can plan ahead.

Come prepared


  • It is important to come prepared for an interview. If you forget to bring your resume, or any other paperwork we can probably print it out for you, but it gives us a bad impression on you which as a result when asked how we felt about you, we will not be too impressed.

Talk to us


  • Somedays are chaotic and we will try to keep things short and sweet, but other days, talking to you to get to know you  is our favorite part of the work day. So many people come in who each have interesting hobbies and personalities and we love talking to them. It helps make you a memorable interviewee, and who knows if they ask us for our 50 cents on you, we will say you were awesome!

Ask questions545653437_5a1b7b17c0_z

  • If you have any non work or silly questions, ask us! We can tell you where the bathroom is, how long your interview will be, if your car is going to get towed and we can even recommend some of our favorite local restaurants.

Dress to impress


  • Dressing professionally makes all the difference. Come on, even we are wearing professional attire. It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed. We recommend you wear a blazer and nice pants, or a nice dress with closed toed shoes. This makes you look professional and ready for the job!

Be yourself!

  • We are very diverse here at TAG energy and we value people who are different and unique from one another. It makes the work place more fun!tag actual pic
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