5 Lessons I’ve Learned from TAG Energy by Amir

Working in Sales can be difficult. For some rejection is motivating while for others it can be devastating. Nonetheless, it is a rewarding job and can even be fun! Here are 5 lessons learned from one of our team members, Amir.

1: Everyone needs to have at least one kind of sales experience in the workforce, it applies to everything.
2: Hard work pays off, if you hit your goals, you will eventually be your own boss and open up your own office.
3: Work is fun if you apply yourself, work hard, and long and you will reap the benefits.
4. Just like life, work is all about building relationships, it is that simple. Be personable and you will be successful.
5. Start everyday with a positive attitude, no matter what happened the day before or what you are currently going through; be positive, you have the power to affect your own change.
Kendra, his solar team leader says, “Amir is a gentleman for sure. Always being kind and considerate to everyone in the room. He too has a great charm about him and I love having him on my team! Amir has an amazing work ethic and inspires me to work harder in my daily routine.”
Amir sits with his iPad and discusses goals for the week.
Amir and Solongo goal setting for the week.

Keep up with Amir and our team by following us on Twitter, Instagram or by liking us on Facebook. Also, check out our website to learn more about TAG Energy and learn about potential job opportunities.


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