Can Money Buy Happiness?

The first inspiration for this article comes from the mere 33.0 mile distance from the Tag Energy office in Irvine, CA to the Chino Hills 711 where the winning Powerball ticket was won last night. Now, while placing our faith in computer-generated luck isn’t exactly the businessman (or woman’s) style – it does make the wheels turn on the proximity of a life-altering event. Hell, you may share the same bowling shoes on a night out as the fella who became 1.5 billion dollars richer in a single, drastic, dreamt of minute. But, what does winning the lottery really mean?


Mark Cuban was quoted by “Business Insider” this week advising the lucky lottery ticket holder on how to handle their winnings; one quote from the article really stood out to me:

If you weren’t happy yesterday, you won’t be happy tomorrow. It’s money. It’s not happiness. If you were happy yesterday, you are going to be a lot happier tomorrow. It’s money. Life gets easier when you don’t have to worry about the bills.”

And I think he really hit the jackpot (pun definitely intended) on that point. Inevitably, our stresses of paying those bills on time, sending children to college, having that honeymoon in Fiji and a house in a great neighborhood –would dissolve if one had Powerball deep pockets. But there is a fine line between these stresses being a weight that holds us down and being motivating factors to bring out the best of our creative and ambitious selves.

Don’t get us wrong, we would take on Irvine and turn Tag Energy into a two story business and philanthropic machINE upon that kind of financial influx, BUT, The green Gatsby light we all reach for continuously that gets us out of bed, catalyzes our ideas into executed moves, turns scratch paper into number 1 hits and midnight calculations into Wall Street investments, is, most commonly, a light fueled by a vision of success. A desire to accomplish more, a motive to release our passions, leave lasting imprints on the world we live in, and of course, having enough currency that we are “*free”. (*Definition TBD)

Psychologists and Economists have been determining for decades now the correlation between financial status and happiness. They have found it is less about how much money you have and more about how you spend it. The real measures of happiness skyrocket when money is spent on experience rather than material things. As we say at Tag Energy when we learn of factors of impulse, the “keeping up with the Jones’s” satisfaction has an expiration date. Alongside this study, Professor Gilovich of Cornell University, found that the anticipation for acquiring an experience is much more satisfactory than the anticipation of acquiring a material object.

“The Summit is for the Ego, while the journey is for the Soul”


Is there a degree of happiness to which we enjoy working for something we desire? Finding ourselves understanding value of time and money and working to raise our personal bar?

Overall, I believe money can raise the standard of living, life satisfaction, and in some cases tranquility; though, the larger the bank account the less happiness a given sum can “buy”. At the end of the day, no matter which 711 we buy our green machine and muffins from, we must be happy with ourselves. We must wake up to fight our fight, to water our grass, and build our empire. To the lucky California winners of the Powerball, Tag Energy wishes all the happiness in the world! And for everyone else- build a savings, make experiences, find your inspiration, and you may one day wake up feeling just as lucky.


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