Inspiration: Featuring Solongo

Solongo on a desk typing on her laptop with a coffee next to her
Solongo hard at work with our clients.

Solongo is a great team member here at TAG Energy! She is diligent in her work and always has a smile on her face. 

Here at TAG Energy inspiration plays an important role in our company culture. We believe that to succeed you need something that inspires and motivates you to do the best you can do. We interviewed our team member, Solongo, about what inspires and motivates her.

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TAG Energy Awarded “Campaign Cup” for Outstanding Quarter


Our amazing team here at TAG energy has earned the “top national sales honor” on behalf of their solar client. Along with this honor, TAG energy won the “10th best places to work in Los Angles” in 2014, and was nominated again in 2015.

CEO Jaime Hepp says, “Our team has incredible focus and determination, and this award is a humbling reminder of our collective effort on behalf of the client,” said Julie Au Yeung, a top sales rep at TAG Energy. “We appreciate the recognition.”

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12 Ways to Go Green Today!

1. Ditch regular water bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle.

90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled! Reusable water bottles on the other hand are stylish, durable and will decrease your carbon footprint. Plus they are extremely convenient since most cities offer water fountains or free water filters refill stations.IMG_1896

2. Turn the lights off

Turning off the lights when you are not in the room can not only save you money but it saves on electricity and in turn saves the environment. Saving every drop of electricity can add up and save you hundreds of dollars a year.


3. Reusable grocery bags

Plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose, and only 1% of bags are actually being recycled. That leaves the other 90 billion plastic bags left in landfills, the ocean and it disrupts the environment. A little known fact is that there is actually a giant garbage heap of plastic bags twice the size of the US floating around in the pacific ocean!IMG_1894

4. Check your Bulbs

Energy Star rated compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb will decrease your electricity bill. Other benefits of Energy Star rated bulbs are that they are durable, mercury free, cost effective and do not produce heat. Also, today’s technology has improved the quality of the light being emitted from these bulbs.


5. Go paperless

Instead of throwing away the dozens of papers you receive each month from your bank, energy companies, etc, opt out and ask them to send you emails instead. This will help reduce the waste of millions of pounds of paper and will in turn make it easier for you to pay your bills online.IMG_1886

6. Invest in a home water filter.

Home water filters help reduce the waste of plastic water containers. It’s also very convenient because you never have to worry about running out of water at home! Tap water also contains lots of minerals which the home filters leave in while providing great tasting water.IMG_1891

7. Unbleached products is the way to go

Unbleached papertowels, napkins, and bags are a great alternative since they are usually made of recycled paper.These products that are made from recycled paper so they are guaranteed to be as good as bleached paper products, but free of all the chemicals used in those. 5560753633_5a03c9cdec_z

8. Recylce

Recycling glass, paper, newspapers, alumni and all other natural resources can help minimize pollution, create jobs, and save on the earth precious natural resources. It also minimizes the amount of oil and energy needed to produce those products if they were not recycled. Many cities also offer free recycling centers that provide a reimbursement for every can you recycle. Here is a list of some of these recycling locations in California.IMG_1895

9. Go vegetarian for 1 day a week!

Have you heard of meatless Mondays? 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. By going vegetarian once a week you will save the lives of animals, as well as see health benefits and decrease your risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac complications. Also check out a couple of documentaries if you are thinking of going vegetarian or vegan!IMG_1892

10. Try E-Tickets

Once again, wasting paper by printing out your tickets for a sporting event or concert can be solved by using e-tickets. Now days, many major companies offer the “electronic ticket” option as opposed to traditional paper methods. This is great for concert goers who always seem to misplace their ticket!IMG_1898

11. Carpool

Carpooling is another great way of shedding down the carbon footprint engines leave on the environment and can also help cut your gasoline bill in half or more! This is a great way of going green while maintaining your lifestyle. You might even make a friend or two in the process!6394691311_061bda13d9_z

12. Try Solar Energy

Solar energy is the future, and the future is here! By switching to Solar Energy you can cut your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars a year. Also, living in Southern California where it is sunny year round makes Solar Energy worth it. To get a quote visit our website!8141261469_171025181d_o

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Traveling Tips: Cancun Edition

5722490026_11ec49f8e5_z Our TAG Energy team made their way back home from Cancun this Labor Day weekend, and they decided to share with us some tips they picked up on their trip.

Pack the Night Before


  • Nothing is worse then forgetting your passport, favorite book or camera at home when you are on an airplane half way to your destination. We recommend you make a list of everything you think you will need and pack the night before so that if the morning of you are running late or making a last minute errand, you’ll have most of your things pre-packed and ready to go!

Wake up Early


  • It’s 9 am, and your flights in 30 minutes, and thanks to LA traffic, there’s no way you’ll make it to LAX on time. We recommend you wake up an hour or two than you think you need too, that way you don’t miss your flight or feel pressed for time. Plus that’ll give you time to go to Starbucks! It’s a win win.

Call your Bank


  • Often times credit card companies place a hold on your account if they see suspicious account from outside your general vicinity. Make sure to call them to let them know you will be traveling to another country so that you can still access your money.

Take Lots of Pictures


  • Living in the moment is the way to go, but don’t forget to snap a couple of pictures here and there so that you can look back on them and remember how much fun you had. Don’t wait until the last day of your trip to take out your camera and start snapping pictures. The only thing you’ll end up capturing are pictures of tired grumpy friends who are ready to go home. Speaking of which, follow us on instagram to see great pictures our team took in Cancun.

It’s Okay to be Lost


  • A big part of traveling is exploring! It’s okay to lose the map and just walk around with a friend or two. Take in the culture and talk to locals! It’s one thing to read about your destination online, but it’s another thing to actually hear it from the locals. They might be able to recommend to you some cool restaurants or hidden gems that the country has to offer.

We hope through this article you are able to be better prepared for any upcoming trip you may have. To get some Cancun photo inspiration visit our Pinterest! Also follow us on Twitter to keep up with our amazing team here at TAG Energy.

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Interview Tips: From the Interns

As an intern, we are the first person you see in the lobby, and we are the last person you say bye to as you walk out. We have seen dozens of interviewees, and have come up with a list on how to land the job before you even interview.

Do not be late


  • Nothing is worse than being late to an interview. When you are a couple minutes late it not only sets you behind, but the rest of the people who are in line to interview. As a result everyone’s schedule gets all out of whack. It is best to be on time or give us a courtesy call in case you will be a couple minutes late so we can plan ahead.

Come prepared


  • It is important to come prepared for an interview. If you forget to bring your resume, or any other paperwork we can probably print it out for you, but it gives us a bad impression on you which as a result when asked how we felt about you, we will not be too impressed.

Talk to us


  • Somedays are chaotic and we will try to keep things short and sweet, but other days, talking to you to get to know you  is our favorite part of the work day. So many people come in who each have interesting hobbies and personalities and we love talking to them. It helps make you a memorable interviewee, and who knows if they ask us for our 50 cents on you, we will say you were awesome!

Ask questions545653437_5a1b7b17c0_z

  • If you have any non work or silly questions, ask us! We can tell you where the bathroom is, how long your interview will be, if your car is going to get towed and we can even recommend some of our favorite local restaurants.

Dress to impress


  • Dressing professionally makes all the difference. Come on, even we are wearing professional attire. It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed. We recommend you wear a blazer and nice pants, or a nice dress with closed toed shoes. This makes you look professional and ready for the job!

Be yourself!

  • We are very diverse here at TAG energy and we value people who are different and unique from one another. It makes the work place more fun!tag actual pic
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National Sales Award Recipient: Mike Ye

Mike and TAG Energy win National Sales Award
Click the photo for the full length video featured on our channel

TAG Energy and our very own, Mike Ye, won a national sales award, top performing office and top performing rep for 2015. The team was very excited as Mike was called up on stage to receive the award during our summer national conference.
Mike is seen in this video describing why he believes he and the team were able to win such a prestigious award. Every year an office and rep are recognized for being top performing on our business supply campaign.

Crediting work ethic and a great attitude for his success, Mike, remained humble and nonchalant about his huge accomplishment.

Congratulations Mike! We’re proud of you and the team!

Get to know Mike!
What was your biggest struggle in the field?

“My biggest challenge was overcoming my nervousness in public speaking. I am a introvert at heart and a “CS” type personality. When I first started I probably had negative 20 “I”. It is draining for me to talk with so many people and creating so many business relationships for our client. However, the only way to grow and become successful is to be comfortable being uncomfortable. So that is what I do everyday, put myself in uncomfortable situations, take risks, and be awesome.”

What do you think makes you so successful?

“Preparation and executing with a positive mental attitude. “The battle is won in the general’s tent, not on the battlefield.” Preparing each day whether it is practicing my skills, preparing for office duties (campaign or retention manager), or planning out my territory, each day there is some form of preparation involve to make my day more efficient. After planning, the fun begins and I am just executing when I’m in the game like Kobe Bryant playing basketball. Also having a positive mental attitude helps when things don’t go according to plan. Keeping a positive mental attitude allows you to improvise and be creative. As soon as your lose your attitude, you lose your focus and let outside forces dictate how you want to play the game.”

What are some of your big picture goals?

“I want to become assistant manager before the end of the year.
Be promoted to manager sometime next year.
Eventually having an opportunity to run a retail or energy campaign.
Build strong leaders and give them the same opportunities that was given to me.
Internationally expand. Australia would be cool.”

Leadership Spotlight: Fil

Leadership is challenging for some.  For Fil it comes naturally.  From when he called in for the intern position, he was very personable and professional on the phone.  Leaders are self motivated and want to improve in all aspects of their life.  When you think of a leader, Fil comes to mind.  He is consistent and hit his goals hard his first week in the business!  Rather than having a kick back summer, his goal is to improve his communication skills and gain overall business experience.  He is always helping people in the office, having a strong student mentality by asking lots of questions.  He has built a close relationship with each team member by attending every social & team event.  As a leader, he understands that if he is approachable to others, leads by example, and keeps a positive attitude, that others will be motivated to learn from him and vice versa.  He is a joy to work with and we are proud of his quick leadership mentality.  Keep it up Fil!

Fil in front of the office leading a morning meeting
Fil running a TAG Energy’s Morning Meeting about goal setting.

Where are you from?
Monterey County

What school do you go to and your major?
Chapman University, Senior – Business Administration Major

What is your favorite part about working at TAG?
My favorite part of working at TAG is the environment/work culture. Everyone is very motivated, this creates a contagious energy throughout the office.

What is one of your strengths?
My desire to learn and my ability to listen. My coworkers are very knowledgable, it would be foolish not to learn as much as I possibly can from them.

What is something you want to keep on improving before leaving TAG after your internship?
I’d like to continue to improve my leadership skills.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
My results will be determined by my attitude and my preparation.

What is a reason you would give someone as to why to work with TAG?
This experience is applicable in all facets of life. The support you get from the office/coworkers will make personal growth inevitable.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I was born on a very small island in the Mediterranean.

What is your favorite book?
Flash Boys – Michael Lewis

What is your favorite quote?
“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.” – Sun Tzu

Leadership Spotlight: Jake

Big congratulations to Jake who was promoted to Leadership this past month. A few things we love about Jake is his quick wit, willingness to help everyone on the team, and unwavering work ethic. Those are just a few qualities we look for in candidates We asked Jake a few questions to see what has made him so successful here at TAG Energy.

Jake gets promoted to Leadership.
Jake giving his promotion speech after hitting TAG Energy Leadership qualifications.

What school did you graduate from and what was your major?
I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a major in Sports Management and a minor in Marketing.

What is your favorite part about working at TAG Energy?
My favorite part of TAG is the culture and energy of the people involved. Every day you have to set goals to be better and strive for better things. Everyone involved has long-term goals and everyone in the office is willing to do whatever it takes to help themselves as well as others reach their goals.

What are your strengths that has helped you get promoted?
One of my strengths is that I am a diligent and hard-worker. I always want to see myself succeed and know that in this business I have to keep working hard to reach the goals that I set for myself.

What is one area that TAG Energy can help you improve on?
My main focus while I am here at TAG is self-improvement. Everyday I want to get better at something and improve in one area. To get the most you can from this experience you have to dive in and keep developing and becoming the best that I can be.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
That along with the right goals and parameters, nothing is impossible for me to accomplish. I never thought in a million years I would be able to be have the success that I have had in this industry but because of all the great people I work with and everyone who constantly pushes me to be better I am at a spot I never thought I would be and I love it.

Why would you recommend TAG Energy to someone?
The reason I would tell someone to work at TAG is the same reason that I joined on which is the culture that is unlike any other job that I have looked at. Everyone that I work with are such amazing people to be around and all have greater aspirations than most people who I known. Every day entering the office is not a drag like some jobs but a fun experience that I look forward to at the beginning and ending of the day.

What is your favorite book you would recommend anyone to read?
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

What is your favorite quote?
“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” -Muhammad Ali

Jake and Melanie
Jake and Melanie, posing after Jake’s leadership promotion.

Melanie, Jake’s trainer, had this to say about Jake:
Jake has an undeniable thirst to learn and and instinctual cue for how to reach where he’s aiming. With everything from positivity to (particularly smooth) witty banter; his contribution to an environment conducive to both growth and happiness is admirable. It’s been quite a treat to inspire each other to grow every day and I can’t wait to continue!

TAG Energy nominated 2015 Best Places to Work

TAG Energy was recently named as one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles for the 4th year in a row. This ninth annual program was created by the Los Angeles Business Journal and Best Companies Group.

TAG Energy is one of LABJ's Best Places to Work 2015
TAG Energy gets nominated as LABJ’s Best Places to Work 2015 4 years in a row!

This survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize and honor the best employers in Los Angeles, benefiting the county’s economy, workforce and businesses. The list is made up of 100 companies.

TAG Energy has been named one of this year’s Best Places to Work in Los Angeles.  In 2012 TAG Energy placed in 11th place in the small business category then climbed to 10th in 2013 and 2014.  We’re hoping to be at a higher rank this year!

Companies from across the county entered the two-part survey process to determine the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics. This part of the process was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience.

This part of the process was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final rankings. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process in Los Angeles, analyzed the data and determined the final rankings.

TAG Energy feels that is our commitment to our core values, holistic approach to team development and fun, energetic atmosphere that has placed us on this prestigious list for another year!

The actual rankings will be revealed at a special event on August 19, 2015, then published in the August 24,2015, issue of the Los Angeles Business Journal.  Check out further blogs to see more from the event!