A Book Review: Mindset by Carol Dweck

The New Psychology of Success



It isn’t uncommon ground for us to cover the power of ones’ mindset. Tag Energy Group has found an endless source of positive results by teaching a concept of reinvesting in the mind. Magnifying knowledge, refining self-adaption, and expanding the conceivable are among top focus in our office. After reading this book we had to share; Psychologist Carol Dweck dives into the core of how to adapt to reaching one’s full potential in her new book “Mindset”. The construct of mentality is groundbreaking and, whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a manager, or a leader, the theory can apply.

The captivating idea stems from the duel mindset of fixed vs. growth. The difference between the two mindsets derive from the tendency to see potential in one’s success. For example; Dweck claims that her research shows a child who maintains a fixed mindset is offset by obstacles in their life, focuses on negative feedback, and feels discouraged and jealous of the success of others. In opposition, the child who has secured a growth mindset can allow the larger picture to act as motivation. The Growth mindset embraces challenges, observes and learned from feedback, and feeds off of the success of others. Dweck emphasizes the growth mindset as increasing in motivation and ultimately production. Naturally, we hope that one would have those tendencies when it comes to a constant hurdled business!


And we see this idea being reinforced daily at the Tag Energy office; negative feedback, poor results, competition, can either cause a team member to jump stay in a cycle of discouraged thinking or, (what we hope to see) light a fire under them and skyrocket results.

Dweck refers to these mindsets as being determining factors in the potential for intelligence but furthers this “fate” to how we treat students from an early education period. If we tell a child they are not good readers, they may hold onto this idea and consistently see themselves as poor readers, unable to ever master the skill. SO, in our Irvine office some lessons we have taken from this idea is to give “every dog a good name”. By allowing each student and representative to excel in their own way it enables their growth mindset to overpower. We want people to want to learn, to be positively reinforced by learning, and to grow and influence others in the same way.

When it comes to monitoring our own mindsets, Dweck explains a series of triggers that we mentally each face. From self-criticism to anxiety we each have our own threats – the important thing is that we continue to work through them.

Understand that each step moving forward is a step, no matter the size! If you have a reader on your list for the holidays, or if you’re looking for a book to read bundled by the fire – Give Mindset a try! It will surely leave a positive impact.


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